Calling all pre/post retired women

Your sun is not setting; it’s rising again. It’s a new day with new opportunities and new possibilities.

It’s time to intentionally design  a next chapter that allows you to create a future you are excited about,  a next chapter that allows you to get up in the morning excited about life.

NOW is the time to take steady, unstoppable action towards your dreams. 

NOW is the time to adopt powerful new success habits that will help you make your dreams. a reality. 

 is the time to develop stronger connections with people who will support you and lift you up on your journey.

 … And I would love to provide you with the tools and strategies to make your dreams a reality so that you can live a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life in your next chapter.




1-1 Coaching

 Next Chapter Mentoring

 Frustrated that your next chapter is not what you expected it to be?

Get the guidance, support, encouragement, and accountability on each phase of your journey, from planning to implementation.

Highly personalized attention for those who are committed to making their dreams a reality SOON, not “someday.”

I am curious

The Refire Dreaming Room Experience

The Dreaming Room Experience is designed to help you rekindle your dreams and take the steps necessary to make them a reality.

Leave the event recharged, reenergized with a strategic plan to make your dreams a reality.


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The Refired Roadmap

FINALLY! The Roadmap for helping you take real action no matter how small that builds momentum to make your dreams a reality in your next chapter.

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 Group Coaching 

Purpose-Driven Sisters Committed to Growth & Success in their Next Chapter 

The Refire, Don’t Retire Group Coaching is an exclusive and intimate community of sisters working together to create their exit strategy and plan from the work force so that they could step into their next chapter with clarity, courage and confidence