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Date: TUESDAY APRIL 13TH  4:00pm EST to 5:30PM EST

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Although educators and perhaps other women plan for their financial needs in retirement, planning for emotional and psychological needs is often deferred. While financial security is important, your happiness and wellbeing come from the non-financial side of life. This event’s focus is to help educators continue to live a fulfilling and meaningful life after they leave the classroom.

When you move away from your full-time career, it’s like graduating. Think about when you graduated from school. It was exciting and scary at the same time. Exciting because you had completed an important phase of your life—scary because you were starting something new you had never done before. “Retirement” is just like that.

The old picture of retirement was shutting down, declining, being sent “out to pasture.” It’s not like that today. Your sun is not setting; it’s rising again. It’s a new day with new opportunities and new possibilities.

But just like when you graduated from school, you are embarking on something you have never done before. The uncertainty of doing something new can be unsettling. That’s why 69 percent of recent retirees say they face real challenges adjusting to retirement.

During retirement, you may really enjoy freedom from the demands and pressures of your career life. But it is common to hear people say things like, “I’m happy, but I feel a bit directionless,” “I’m feeling like I am not relevant anymore,” or “I’m getting bored.”

Your financial portfolio might be solid, but what about your Happiness Portfolio? Almost every aspect of your life changes when you move out of the career phase of your life. That means you get to redesign your life the way you want it to be. It can be a daunting thought or an exciting opportunity.

My mission is to help educators continue to lead productive and fulfilled lives in retirement; hence, this virtual event.

Date: TUESDAY APRIL 13TH  4:00pm EST to 5:30PM EST

You will be inspired as you learn from some of your colleagues about how they created meaningful and rewarding ways to continue to be productive and fulfilled beyond the classroom.
You will also learn about Gen2Gen, an campaign to mobilize one million adults age fifty-plus to stand up for—and with—young people today. By bringing the generations together, we’re working to realize the potential of longer lives, the potential of every child, and the power of older and younger generations working side by side for change.
You will also learn about encore careers, including “How to Make a Living and a Difference in the Second Half of Life.” Until recently, most Americans equated the end of a successful career with the beginning of retirement. No more. Now they want to stay in the game (or better, change the game). They want to leave a mark, make a difference, and continue to make money....

Dr. Cynthia Barnett


Is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and coach

Her “refirement message” has been featured in US News and World Report, local newspapers, and TV shows. She was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal and in TIME magazine in its lead article about women in mid-life who have reinvented themselves. After 30 years as a teacher, guidance counselor and administrator she retired to "refire" her life.
She is the recipient of the inaugural AARP Purpose Prize, which recognizes people over the age of fifty who have “used their wisdom and experience to revitalize their lives and make the world a better place.” She is a leading authority on how to “refire and reinvent, making dreams come true.”

 Cynthia is currently living a refired life, paying it forward through her nonprofit program for girls, Amazing Girls Science, to help them ignite a spark for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). She resides in Connecticut.


This FREE Virtual Event aims to increase awareness of new possibilities for how to live Happy, Productive and Meaningful Lives After Teaching.

Space is limited to 60 educators